Content plan for a month to build your strong personal brand.
Branding is not just about looks. Branding yourself on social media also relates to the type of content you're sharing. Be strategic in what you share so as to be consistent with the brand you're creating. There are some ideas that you can use for creating posts on your social accounts.
  1. Meet and greet
    Snap a selfie and tell some facts about you.

  2. Tips for lashers
    Found some lifehack that makes working routine easier? Share it!

  3. Lash trends
    Share new trends with your audience on regular basis

  4. Your mission
    Tell your followers what makes you and your courses unique.

  5. How you got started
    Take your audience back to where it all began and tell them how and when your way was launched. If you have an old photo, be sure to include it.

  6. Inspiration sources
    Where did you get inspiration? Stunning pinterest or IG profiles? Motivating books or youtube channels? Share them.

  7. FAQ
    Collect all frequently asked questions and answer to them in one regular post.

  8. Your space
    Share a snapshot of the space where you spend 40 (or 50, or 60…) hours per week.

  9. Positive feedback
    Nothing beats a great word-of-mouth referral! Share a positive review you recently received from a customer.

  10. Goals
    What is your aim, what are you dreaming about? Your audience feels closer to you when you share with them the ambitions you're working toward.

  11. Ask the audience
    Invite your followers to answer a customer's question or vote for their favorite option. For example: "What type of courses would you interested in?" or "I'm picking a name for new course! Which do you like best: A or B?"

  12. Professional advice
    Share your knowledge, e.g. explain how to choose the right lashes curl?

  13. History of some professional termin or technique
    Do you know why some lash extension techniques are so-called? Share these facts

  14. Failure experience
    Success is impossible without falls. Got some? Share it to show that you're real human.

  15. People around you
    Do you have your team? Or maybe favourite constant client. Tell a story about them.

  16. Useful links
    If you use some templates or apps for business you can make an overview of them.

  17. What's inside classes?
    Show the atmosphere of your classes, tell the structure of your courses.

  18. Your success
    Don't be shy, all your achievements must be shown to the audience

  19. LOL
    Laughter is the best medicine, and on social media it's also the easiest way to make a lifelong fan. Share something that has you laughing, be it a funny article, photo or meme.

  20. Fan photo
    Share a photo and short caption about one of your happy students or clients.

  21. Insider tip
    Give a short lesson on technique for beginners. Call to mind what was unclear when you were starting.

  22. Breaking news
    Find a relevant story and share a news link away!

  23. Freebie giveaway
    Pick a lucky winner to receive your service for free. Create some rules, for example: they have to share your photo.

  24. Behind the scenes
    Are you preparing for a class or creating new course? Show the getting-ready process.

  25. Today I learned
    Share something new you learned today. Maybe it's a little-known fact about lash extension.

  26. Student's work
    Make the result of your courses visible by works of your students.

  27. Your hero
    Who do you admire? Which businessmen and women inspire you? Share a picture and a few lines about how they drive you to do better each day.

  28. Fill in the blank
    Give your audience a simple, engaging one-liner to complete related to what you do. Might be: "Fill in the blank: my biggest challenge in lash extension is _______."

  29. Products overview
    Test new tweezers, lashes or glue and share your opinion with followers. By the way, RQLashes has promo sets for tasting with 50% discount

  30. Before/after
    Share the results of your students, what quality of work did they have before and what they have now. Don't forget to ask their permission.

  31. Coming soon
    Another month has come and gone. End on a high note by giving a small revision of results and sneak peek of what's on the horizon for the month ahead.
And of course mix it with your own works from portfolio :)
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Written by Marina L
Co-founder and CEO of Russian Queen Lashes,
a successful business woman with 10 years of experience.

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